OPSWAT Announces Bronze Certification of Combo Cleaner for Anti-Malware

The OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program has awarded Bronze certification to RCS LT for their anti-malware product Combo Cleaner. Originally launched in 2007, OPSWAT's certification program currently supports over 1,000 applications from various anti-malware engines to ensure their compatibility with all leading access control solutions, their detection quality, and their false positive responsiveness.

RCS LT strives to deliver original and professional applications for iPhone, Mac, and PC users. OPSWAT awarded certification to RCS LT after determining that their product Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer met a number of strict criteria determined by OPSWAT. OPSWAT will list Combo Cleaner as a Bronze Certified security application on OPSWAT.com.

OPSWAT developed the Certified Security Application Program in 2007 after compiling compatibility requirements from over 50 OPSWAT OEM customers, including industry-leading NAC, CASB, SSO, and SSL-VPN solutions from vendors such as Citrix, Pulse Secure, Cisco, IBM, and Dell. The certification program is meant to help IT administrators find compatible and effective applications for their security stack. The program also helps endpoint security applications vendors who want to certify regularly.

Cristina Stet, Certification Manager at OPSWAT, said, "We have determined that Combo Cleaner is compatible with leading access control solutions. We are excited to award Bronze certification to this anti-malware solution from RCS Software."

Tomas Meskauskas, CEO at RCS LT, commented, "We are happy that our application is now certified by OPSWAT. This gives us confidence to further develop Combo Cleaner into the most simple-to-use and effective security product for Mac computers."

OPSWAT and RCS Software recommend that all security application vendors learn more about the OPSWAT certification program and certify their latest versions before public release. Additionally, IT administrators can use OPSWAT's list of certified security applications as a resource before purchasing a security solution.

About RCS Software

RCS LT is a dedicated team of iOS and OSX developers. Their team consists of people from different academic backgrounds who have a broad set of skills. They strive to deliver original and entertaining applications for iPhone and Mac users. They are passionate about their work and hope that users will like their products. In their work they combine their hobbies, interests, and expertise in app development, allowing them to produce top-notch applications that they are proud of.

About Combo Cleaner

Combo Cleaner takes a different approach as compared to traditional antivirus suites. As well as an antivirus function, Combo Cleaner includes a disk cleaner, big files finder, duplicate files finder, privacy scanner, and application uninstaller. This app can be used to clean computers of security threats and free up significant disk space cluttered by redundant files. Although Mac computers are thought to be more secure than Windows systems, a reliable antivirus solution is paramount.


OPSWAT is a global cyber security company providing solutions for enterprises since 2002 to identify, detect, and remediate advanced security threats from data and devices coming into and out of their networks. Trusted by over 1,000 organizations worldwide for this secure data flow, OPSWAT prevents advanced security threats across multiple channels of file transfer and data flow with flexible options of MetaDefender® solutions and API-based development and threat intelligence platforms. With over 35+ anti-malware engines, 100+ data sanitization engines, and more than 25 technology integration partners, OPSWAT is a pioneer and leader in data sanitization (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), vulnerability detection, multi-scanning, device compliance, and cloud access control. To learn more about OPSWAT, please visit www.OPSWAT.com.

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