OPSWAT Acquires Napera and Launches OPSWAT Gears

OPSWAT is excited to announce the acquisition of Napera Networks, a Seattle based company that developed cloud-based network monitoring solutions targeted at both home networks as well as small to medium sized organizations. Napera's technology helped OPSWAT integrate cloud management to the existing OPSWAT Gears platform for white-labeled endpoint management.

Napera NetworksNapera was founded in 2006 and received $6 million in Series A funding in 2008. Named 'Startup of the Week' by InformationWeek in 2008, Napera specialized in delivering network monitoring capabilitiesby extending Microsoft NAP capabilities beyond Windows PCs to Macintosh computers as well, and made their software compatible with wireless networksto deliver network access control capabilities to small businesses. Napera was featured by the Microsoft NAP team for their development of integrated solutions for the NAP platform.


With the acquisition of Napera, OPSWAT was able to add cloud-based management to OPSWAT Gears, which is currently used by several customers to create a white-labeled solution for monitoring and management of any computer. OPSWAT Gears quickly exposes unpatched computers that may put an organization at risk by monitoring whether machines have the latest OS security patches and latest antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware software updates.

Today, OPSWAT launched a demo of the technology at www.opswatgears.com.Check it out to see how Gears can enhance network solutions!

Try a demo of OPSWAT Gears

The former Napera.com

Additional information about Napera is featured on:

Amazon Web Services

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