MetaDefender Cloud - Simplified API Calls

For all of our customers that are using MetaDefender Cloud users and API developers, we are deploying updates to MetaDefender Cloud. To make it easier for you to use MetaDefender Cloud, the OPSWAT team has reduced the number of domain names that were previously required to access the API for the service, creating one simple URL for all API calls: All previous domain names for accessing the API have been transitioned to this new domain.

API calls must be done by calling the above URL on an https secure connection.

Please note that all other URLs (* and everything non, including the http connection to any of them, will be discontinued starting December 1st, 2018, so be sure to update any API calls to MetaDefender Cloud to by that date.

We will only maintain redirects from and to (the new website).

We hope that this simplification makes it easier for you to leverage the benefits of MetaDefender Cloud!

For any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact OPSWAT support. 

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