Different Ways to Use Metascan Client to Help Protect Endpoints From Malware

Metascan Client allows you to use a remote Metascan Server to scan files on any Windows system, complementing any real time protection antivirus engine running on that endpoint. Scanning with a remote Metascan server allows you to scan files without having to do the heavy lifting of virus scanning on each of the endpoints where files need to be scanned.

Metascan Client

By deploying a dedicated Metascan server, organizations can scan endpoints utilizing multiple anti-malware engines which significantly increases malware detection rates and identifies malware the existing antivirus software on the endpoint might not detect. Integrating Metascan's multi-scanning technology into an organization's network adds another layer of protection against the intrusion of malware.

There are several different ways that Metascan Client can be used to improve malware detection in an enterprise:

Scan Endpoints Regularly

Security officers can define a security policy that requires every endpoint to be scanned with Metascan Client on a regular basis. This can either be a fast scan that only scans running processes or a full system scan that will check every file on the system, even files on attached drives, to see if there is a potential threat. A policy may even be set to use both fast and full system scans; doing a fast scan daily of running processes and then running a full system scan over the weekend when the system and network is not in use. Sysadmins and/or security officers can use automatic deployment tools to deploy Metascan Client on endpoints and automatically run scans upon reboot/login/etc.

Troubleshoot Endpoint Issues

Metascan Client can also be used as a diagnostic tool when IT professionals are troubleshooting issues on an endpoint. As part of the troubleshooting process, one of the steps can be to run a scan of the endpoint with Metascan Client to identify whether any malware is causing undesirable behavior.

Prevent Intrusion of Malware

A final way to use Metascan Client is as a way to prevent malware from entering an organization. Before any files are brought in to a network or opened on an endpoint, Metascan Client can be used to scan that drive for malware using the Custom Scan functionality. Also, since Metascan Client can be run from a USB drive, portable systems such as laptops can be scanned for malware before they are brought into an organization's internal network.

Since Metascan Client is a lightweight tool there are many ways it can be used in conjunction with a Metascan server to increase the security of an organization's network. To demo or learn more about Metascan Client, please visit the product page.

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