Threat Intelligence Platform

Add Cybersecurity Intelligence to Your Architecture

OPSWAT's threat intelligence platform analyzes millions of data entries from thousands of in-the-wild devices across the world and develops a cloud-based database with billions of data points for binary reputation, vulnerable hashes, malware outbreak samples, and many other security intelligence data. Our highly reliable and scalable service-oriented system is built and maintained by our talented engineering team, offering one of fastest file hash lookup service in the market. 

High Availability and Auto Scale Architecture

Our unique cloud security platform is designed and built in a microservice architecture. Each of the functional components run on a containerized environment which gives the platform the capability to execute any batch of applications and their dependencies independently. For example, in our smart caching service, the service is running a mix of Python, Node.JS, Java and bash script applications. 

We take a hybrid approach to address our auto scaling needs, combining predictive and reactive models. Based on historical traffic we are able to predict the cluster workload and proactively scale the number of clusters required to fulfill the service requirement. In cases where actual usage spikes in comparison to historical usage, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Auto Scaling acts as a safe fallback for our service and reactively adds clusters based on the live traffic. Check out or subscribe to to see our historical service availability.

High Performance Threat Intelligence Platform

With our performance orientated design, the cloud platform on average takes 3.86 seconds to scan a file and 15 milliseconds to look up a hash. These processing speeds are based on testing of over 3,000 samples from various file types.

Our threat intelligence  platform collects data from devices that have various hardware environments, OS packages, user configurations, application profiles and settings, running processes, and dependent libraries. Our innovative data analysis and association technology correlates files that have similar functionalities or belong to the same product version and associates them with known vulnerabilities, malware outbreaks, and other security risks. We offer a comprehensive set of data reports including:

OPSWAT Products That Make Our Threat Intelligence Platform