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Application and Threat Intelligence Platform

Powerful Cloud-Based Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR), File-based Vulnerability Detection, and Multiscanning

MetaDefender Cloud is a comprehensive threat intelligence platform powered by MetaDefender. It is the only cloud-based platform that:

  • Binary vulnerability data - Performs comprehensive check of file contents
  • Installer vulnerability data - Checks software for known vulnerabilities prior to installation
  • Deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR) - Strips common document types of embedded scripts and malware
  • Anti-malware scanning reports - Provides detection data for files using more than 35+ anti-malware engines
  • Binary reputation - Reports common loaded libraries for executables and crowd-sourced network traffic
  • IP reputation - Checks IP addresses for common rogue IP addresses belonging to botnets or other known threats
  • Threat intelligence feeds - Delivers a blacklist of malware signatures for the most prevailing and widespread threats

MetaDefender Cloud is leveraged by thousands of users to detect, prevent, and analyze threats. OPSWAT offers three versions of MetaDefender Cloud:

Analyze a File Using Powerful Technologies

MetaDefender Cloud uses our next-generation deep content disarm and reconstruction, or Deep CDRfile-based vulnerability engine, and multiscanning technologies to analyze all uploaded files for threats and potential risks.

Vulnerability Detection (Binaries & Installers) - Detect known vulnerabilities from within the file itself as well as application vulnerabilities in software programs before they are installed on endpoint devices. Binary files are dangerous because programs don't look within the file before reading them, exposing them to potentially malicious executables. MetaDefender Cloud supports vulnerability detection for more than 1 million binaries and over 20,000 applications.

Check for IP Reputation & Suspicious Network Connections

MetaDefender Cloud uses 12 IP verification services to check the reputation of an IP address. This check identifies if your endpoint or network has been accessed by a rogue IP – which could leave you vulnerable to a malware attack or could mean you’re already infected. This analysis also provides peace of mind if you encounter an unknown-yet-harmless IP address.

Our fast multiscanning approach to verifying IP addresses is a uniquely powerful way to check your network security and look for evidence of malware-based processes.

Frequently Updated Reports & Statistics

Top Threat Statistics

Data on the most searched-for threats each week, drawing on a large database of user-generated data to show detection rates for each of our MetaDefender Engine Packages.

Market Share Report

A monthly report of market share data for the top Windows anti-malware vendors and products, collected from our free endpoint forensics tool MetaDefender Client.

Access Our Public API

MetaDefender Cloud has a free REST API that is available for prototyping an integration with MetaDefender.

You can use MetaDefender Cloud APIs to:

  • Sanitize documents
  • Look up CVE vulnerabilities by hash
  • Scan files (only with commercial license)
  • Look up a scan result by hash

Choose From Several Licensing Options

MetaDefender Cloud has several licensing options depending on your organization's needs. While free users get access to many features, they are subjected to limits that commercial and enterprise users are not.