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MetaDefender Chrome Extension

The MetaDefender Chrome extension is a fast, light, and effective security browser extension that scans each in-browser download for malicious code and vulnerabilities. It processes each file or application (up to 140MB in size) you download on MetaDefender Cloud, which scans for malware with more than 30 anti-malware engines, as well as checking for vulnerabilities.

Before you run any application or open any file you've downloaded from an online source to your Mac, Android, or Windows device, scan it with MetaDefender Cloud to check for potential cyber threats, from malware to application vulnerabilities.

MetaDefender Cloud uses more than 30 anti-malware engines to check for malware, and it has a database of millions of vulnerable binaries.

To add the MetaDefender Chrome extension, click "Add to Chrome" at the bottom of this page. You'll be taken to the download page in the Chrome webstore. Click the blue "ADD TO CHROME" button.

MetaDefender Chrome Extension Webstore

Then you'll see this dialog box pop up. Be sure to click "Add extension."

MetaDefender Chrome Dialog Box

This will add MetaDefender to your Chrome browser. You'll be taken to this page. If you scroll down, you'll see some instructions on how to use the extension.

MetaDefender Chrome Extension Welcome Page

If you want, you can enable the extension to scan all downloads automatically in the upper right corner of your Chrome window.

MetaDefender Chrome Extension Options

Or, you can choose to scan each download piecemeal before you download it. To do that, just right click the file or application you want to download within your browser, and select "Scan with MetaDefender before downloading."

Once the extension goes into action, a tab will open in your Chrome browser, and the MetaDefender Cloud scanning process will begin (you may have to wait a few seconds in the queue):

MetaDefender Chrome Extension Queue

MetaDefender Chrome Extension

MetaDefender Chrome threat detected

MetaDefender Chrome Extension vulnerability check