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OPSWAT Client for Endpoint Vulnerability and Patching

Out-of-date applications often contain critical vulnerabilities that make your devices more susceptible to cyberattack. It is a potential risk that your personal information can be compromised or result in data breaches for your organization. OPSWAT Client is here to help mitigate such risks using our market leading technologies and is FREE for all.

Within a matter of seconds, OPSWAT Client can detect risky applications and provides remediation options (if applicable) to resolve potential security issues. Our user interface will guide any users even without a professional background to understand and remediate the issues.

OPSWAT Client helps you to identify and remediate:

  • If your device runs any vulnerable and out of date applications
  • If you have unexpected applications installed and running

Additional checks are done automatically and an alert report page will be displayed via your web browser if the client detects more issues, such as:

  • If your anti-malware protection is configured properly
  • If your hard disk is encrypted
  • If your operating system is up-to-date and will alert you for missing patches
  • If your device is infected by malware
  • If your device has been backed up correctly

Follow the steps below to start using OPSWAT Client and make sure your device is up-to-date and secured.

Step 1. Download and Install OPSWAT Client

1. Click here to download an installer for your Windows devices

2. Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the folder that contains the OPSWAT Client installer you just downloaded.

3. Double-click the installer file. The installation wizard will appear. Follow instructions on the wizard to install OPSWAT Client.

4. To confirm that OPSWAT Client is running, click the Show Hidden Icons arrow and look for the (

) OPSWAT Client icon in the system.

5. The OPSWAT Client will launch an user interface (UI) in a few seconds.

Step 2. Review all installed applications

You can re-launch OPSWAT Client UI by clicking on "Open OPSWAT Client" option from the tray icon's menu.

From within OPSWAT Client UI, vulnerable and out-of-date applications are alerted. You can easy switch between grid view and list view by toggling on the options icon.

You can filter installed applications by selecting predefined filters, such as:

  • All apps: view all applications installed on your devices
  • Vulnerable apps: view installed apps that are vulnerable. The list view provides how many vulnerabilities (CVE) are associated with a vulnerable app.
  • Out-of-date apps: view installed apps that running out of date versions. The list view provides what version is available.

Step 3. Remediate vulnerable/out-of-date applications

You can update out-of-date applications by selecting applications, right click and select "Update" option. OPSWAT Client will update selected applications to the available version it finds and notices you what applications it has updated successfully.

For some unwanted applications, you may need to uninstall them, the client will take care of that even if the application is broken. By selecting "Uninstall" option on selected applications, OPSWAT Client will try to remove the applications and their related components. The OPSWAT Client may prompt you an uninstallation wizard if needed. You just need to follow the wizard instructions to finish the uninstallation process.

OPSWAT Client is available for any internet-connected devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile devices on Android and iOS. You can download OPSWAT Client for other platforms here

Aside from being used as a standalone client, users are free to register with our cloud service MetaAccess to manage more devices and gain additional features, just to name a few as following:

  • Check your anti-malware protection is configured properly
  • Ensure your hard disk is encrypted
  • Verify operating system is up-to-date and alert for missing patches
  • Confirm that device is not riddled with hidden malware
  • Report if device has performed backup frequently
  • and many more!

We hope you enjoy using our free tools and feedback is always welcome.

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