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Blog: Gears

Gears Enforces OS Versions and Improves NAC for SaaS

With our latest Gears release, code name West Virginia, administrators can now enforce operating system (OS) versions for Windows and Mac devices, and use our improved cookie injection to identify devices through web domains, or SaaS products. 

Improved Android Onboarding and Firefox Compatibility

In this month’s Gears release, we have made the onboarding process much faster for Android users, enabled cookie injection for Firefox browsers, and made other fixes and enhancements that will make Security Score information more clear. In light of recent Android breaches, we are also announcing our upcoming APK scanning feature!

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Busted: 3 Myths about Endpoint Visibility

Maintaining endpoint visibility with or without client agents is fundamental to any network or information security architecture, and is an important element in protecting your organization’s intellectual property and bottom line. Unfortunately, there are myths implying that endpoint visibility is both troublesome and risky, even unnecessary or unwanted. Before purchasing an endpoint visibility solution, here are three myths about endpoint visibility and why they don’t apply to OPSWAT Gears.

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Gears Open Source Agent for Managing Linux, IoT, and MoreFuture post

Gears can now help monitor and manage all types of devices! Last month we released Gears agents for Linux, Android and iOS. With our latest release we are introducing an open source version of the Linux agent. This new open source Gears agent is designed to compile on most Linux distributions and can certainly be extended to other operating systems as well.

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Gears Release Adds Support for iPhones and iPads

We are proud to announce the release of Gears 'Indiana', which provides support for iOS devices. If you caught our last release announcement, we highlighted many of the new features for our Android app, such as IP reputation scanning, rooted device detection, and a streamlined registration process for management, and we are happy to say that these features are now also available for iOS devices! These new features make OPSWAT Gears a great solution for cross-platform device visibility!

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Get the Facts for All the Latest Data Breaches

Data breaches have been in the news more this year than ever! We are excited to launch a new Data Breach page that will highlight notable breaches. Information available on the page will include the cause of the breach, the number of records or data lost, monetary damages and a solution for how the breach could have been prevented. We believe this page will add value for both our customers as well as others in the industry and will help raise awareness on how breaches happen and will hopefully promote discussions on how they can be prevented in the future. 


Linux, Android, Windows, Mac - Gears Does it AllFuture post

OPSWAT is proud to announce that Gears clients are now available for AndroidTM and Linux operating systems! These new clients feature a streamlined registration process and IP reputation scanning options, and position Gears to provide enterprise-wide device visibility to organizations securing an increasingly mobile workforce. Read on for more information on the new clients, and a few other improvements we made along the way!

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Gears Mobile Security App for Android Now in Beta

OPSWAT is thrilled to announce that the beta period has started for the Gears mobile app! Don't know if your mobile devices are secure? Gears takes the guesswork out of mobile security and performance. We give you the tools to assess and manage the security status, health, and privacy of your AndroidTM smartphones and tablets. Try it today! 

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OPSWAT Releases First Report on Market Share of Anti-malware Vendors

OPSWAT today announced that their quarterly market share reports will now look at anti-malware market share as opposed to the antivirus market share that has been covered in past reports. These changes are in response to the changes in the marketplace (which OPSWAT's technology has already shifted to recognize). Over time, the threat landscape has changed and the anti-malware community has responded with new products that detect a wider range of threats including PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), spyware, keyloggers and botnets. This important shift will, therefore, be reflected in OPSWAT's future market share reports.

Out of the sixty-four anti-malware vendors analyzed for their August 2015 report, the top three by market share are Avast, Microsoft and Malwarebytes. To see the percentage of market share for each vendor, you can view the full report


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Review of White House Cyber Security Efforts for 2015

Last month, the White House issued a press release summarizing the Administration’s cyber security efforts and accomplishments for 2015. This post will cover the highlights, and then we’ll take a look at how OPSWAT’s products for device and data security can contribute to these efforts.

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