OPSWAT Media Validation Agent

The OPSWAT Media Validation Agent is a lightweight tool that is deployed on Windows endpoints ensuring that no media can be mounted that has not been first processed by the OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk application. After the media is processed then it is digitally signed and a hash is created of the approved files. When an endpoint has the OPSWAT Media Validation Agent installed, any media that is inserted is first checked for a valid digital signature from the Kiosk and then a hash check is performed verifying that the contents of the media have not been altered.     

If there is no digital signature from the Kiosk application, the media is not mounted and the user is notified that the media must be taken to the Kiosk to be checked before mounting is allowed. If the hash check is performed and the hash value does not match the value created by the Kiosk then the media is blocked from being mounted and the user is informed that a rescan is required.

Tags: media
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