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OPSWAT Certification Revoked for YAC

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OPSWAT Certification Revoked for YAC

Malwarebytes recently posted claims that Elex Technologies has been stealing information from the Malwarebytes signature database, specifically for Elex Technologies’ Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) product. Based on the claim and thorough testing presented by Malwarebytes, we began our own investigation into Elex Technologies, who had previously received OPSWAT Certification for their products.

At OPSWAT we place a great deal of importance on legal and ethical business practices, and we believe strongly in establishing partnerships with companies who conduct business appropriately. As part of the OPSWAT Certification process, we perform tests to ensure that antivirus products in particular are not rogue or scareware applications. The claims against Elex Technologies were concerning to us; although their product fit our criteria for antivirus certification, their methods for developing the product were called into question.

After obtaining the data from Malwarebytes, and doing some internal analysis, our R&D team was able to validate Malwarebytes’ claim. Therefore, we’ve made a decision to remove the existing OPSWAT Certification for YAC from the program. Yet Another Cleaner 4.x will no longer be Bronze Certified under Windows Antispyware. We’ve asked Elex Technologies to remove any badges or information of partnership with OPSWAT from their website. Additionally, Elex Tech products (including YAC) will now be flagged as Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) by OESIS. 

We have discontinued our partnership with Elex Technologies and plan to continue our policy going forward that such business practices will not be tolerated.

Ronald Melencio
Product Manager

Ronald joined OPSWAT in 2014 as a Product Manager for Metascan Online. Additionally, he heads up the OPSWAT Certification Program and serves as a primary contact for our valued anti-malware engine suppliers. Ronald received his MBA from UC Davis, and his background in software engineering and project management includes time at ShareThis and The Dannon Company.

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