New MetaDefender Cloud Homepages

We are pleased to announce that today we are launching our brand new homepages for MetaDefender Cloud! We are working on a major website redesign to completely revive the customer experience on the website with a fresh new look.

3 Different Themes

There is no such thing as one size fits all. That is why, as a MetaDefender Cloud user, you get to choose between 3 different homepage themes: Dark, Deep Blue, and Snow.


deep blue


Each time you visit the website a different homepage is loaded. The Dark and Snow themes use random pictures of famous cities as background images. Users can also configure a favorite theme to load each time they visit by clicking the heart button at the top of the page:

Advanced file upload menu

When users upload a file, we do our best to select the technologies most appropriate to use for securing the file. We also skip the upload part and take the user directly to the latest results page if the file already exists in our system. But sometimes users want to configure these options themselves without having to call the API and send the appropriate workflow headers.

Introducing the advanced options menu:

Is the file a sanitizable format? Make sure "Deep CDR" is enabled. Don't want to wait for us to extract the archive and scan all the files inside? Deactivate the "Unarchiving" option. Users also have the power to run Sandbox Analysis on the file from the beginning, to reduce the analysis wait time as much as possible.

Make sure to check out our documentation page for any questions regarding how our homepage works and hit the subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest updates from OPSWAT!

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