Metadefender CVEs, Hashes, Application Installers Report: May 31-June 5

OPSWAT MetaDefender

The OPSWAT MetaDefender Vulnerability Engine identifies known application vulnerabilities and reports them by severity level. The Vulnerability Engine allows system administrators to identify vulnerabilities in files and data being brought into a secure network and on endpoints within a network, significantly expediting remediation of the issue.

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) is a catalog of publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities that's sponsored by the United States Department of Homeland Security. The table below lists the new CVEs and product versions for which support was added to the MetaDefender database during May 31-June 5, 2017.

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Newly Supported CVEs and Product Versions as of June 5, 2017

WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9353
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9348
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9352
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9344
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9343
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9351
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9345
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9350
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9349
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9354
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9346
WireStackWireStack2.2.6 and priorCVE-2017-9347
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-6980
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2530
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2549
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2547
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2526
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2544
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2531
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2538
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2539
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2495
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2496
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2506
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2508
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2510
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2514
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2528
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2525
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2536
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-6984
SafariApple Inc.10.1 and priorCVE-2017-2511
EvernoteEvernote Corp.6.2.1 and priorCVE-2016-4900
iTunesApple Inc.12.4.3 and priorCVE-2017-6984
Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Systems Inc. and priorCVE-2016-1019

Newly Supported Hashes and Installers as of June 5, 2017

22AE33BABE447FB28789BCE713A20CBEE796A37CJava14658.0.1210.13Installer for Java 32 bit #installerjre-8u121-windows-i586.exe
8B22C68147BA96A8AC6E18360FF2739A1C6CA1DBJava14658.0.1210.13Installer for Java 64 bit #installerjre-8u121-windows-x64.exe
D007C7CD2F20FE2B5458DE4C8B1FC1C363CE1E1CJava14658.0.1210.13Installer for Java 64 bit #installerjdk-8u121-windows-x64.exe
E71FC3EB9F895EBA5C2836B05D627884EDD0157AJava14658.0.1210.13Installer for Java 32 bit #installerjdk-8u121-windows-i586.exe