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Announcement Regarding mySignaturesOnline and Policy Patrol

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Announcement Regarding mySignaturesOnline and Policy Patrol

OPSWAT is pleased to announce that the company mySignaturesOnline now owns the mySignaturesOnline brand, and will be handling all sales and support of the mySignaturesOnline products. Next month the Policy Patrol Disclaimers and Policy Patrol Mail Security products will also be moved to mySignaturesOnline. mySignaturesOnline will honor all current maintenance contracts and will be managing all support tickets for these products. For more information, please contact mySignaturesOnline at (303) 420-7942 or email support@mysignaturesonline.com.

OPSWAT is also announcing that it has discontinued sales of Policy Patrol SFT, though we will continue to support existing customers who have active maintenance contracts. Policy Patrol SFT is being replaced by Metadefender SFT. Customers are encouraged to talk to an OPSWAT representative about Metadefender SFT by contacting us at sales@opswat.com.

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