Device Compliance Module

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The OESIS Framework’s Endpoint Compliance Module helps your organization realize compliance by detecting and classifying which applications are installed on any endpoint and enabling your organization to monitor and manage these applications. It helps your organization assess and remediate application-specific settings.


Monitor and remediate the configuration of endpoint security applications

Check and update malware definitions on any endpoint. Check when a full system scan was last performed and launch one on any endpoint.  Turn real-time protection on or off on any endpoint. Verify whether each endpoint’s firewall is enabled and enable them without any end user intervention. Verify whether anti-phishing protection is enabled on any endpoint.

Include OESIS Monitor component

OESIS Monitor is an XML data service that monitors the updates of signature-based security applications. OESIS Framework customers are provided with details of each update within minutes of release by the vendor. OESIS Monitor connects to third party vendors internal, authenticated databases to collect the most current AV definition information, enables technology vendors to check the exact update status of applications detected by OESIS. 

Monitor and remediate application and operating system updates and patches

Detect third-party patch management applications and enable them if necessary. Detect which patches are currently installed on any endpoint, generate a list of missing patches, and automatically install them. 

For a list of all supported applications, click here.

Verify that endpoints are encrypted per policy and regulations.

Detect hard disk encryption software on each device and report which portions of each disk are encrypted. Leverages our patented method for assessing the encryption status of selected disks (Patent No. 10,229,069) and operates independently of third-party encryption algorithms and configurations. Supports all popular encryption solutions. 

To see a complete list of supported applications, click here.

Powerful and Thorough information reporting and remediation

Support over 30 different product-specific remediations across all major operating systems. It gathers classified and unclassified application details, and in-depth configurations of security applications, including anti-malware, personal firewall, hard disk encryption, patch management, browsers, browser plugins, and many others. This enables organizations that must comply with regulatory frameworks to easily gather information from endpoints to help them achieve compliance.

Ensure that applications on any endpoint comply with policy and regulations.

Detect over 5000 applications. Generate a report on each application’s license status and update its status. Detect whether any remote desktop control applications are installed or active on any endpoint. Generate a report on devices with open TCP ports, SSH connections or RDP tunnels. Make it impossible for malicious actors to remotely access and use any endpoint. 

Complete list of supported applications below.

Supported Applications


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