Removable Media Protection Module

Manage Removable Media on Endpoints

The OESIS Removable Media Protection Module prevents endpoints from connecting to any unexamined portable media, including flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards, CDs, DVDs and smart phones.

This module monitors endpoints for any removable media that end users insert and enables your organization to manage how each endpoint treats the media, based on preconfigured security policy.


Block. Protect. Secure.

This module can block any connection the media tries to make with an endpoint, and can block all connections, except those processes your organization specifies. Also blocks all access to the media, only allowing OPSWAT’s service to pass the contents through MetaDefender’s advanced content security technologies (like multiscanning and CDR), which verify and sanitize it.

Highly Configurable

Your organization can use this module’s highly configurable features to create the solution that works best for you. Our Removable Media Protection Module helps organizations ensure that any data coming onto their environment is clean and safe to use.

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