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MetaDefender Email Security Cloud (MESC) FAQ

1. What is MetaDefender Email Security Cloud?

MetaDefender Email Security Cloud (MESC) is a free online service provided by OPSWAT for you to scan and sanitize suspicious emails and email attachments.

2. How do I use MESC?

Simply forward any email to our email security demo email address to run a comprehensive email threat scan. After the scan, you will receive an email reply with the scan result as well as the regenerated, sanitized copy of any email attachments.

3. What technology does MESC use?

MESC uses OPSWAT's proprietary multiscanning and deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR) technology. These are the same core technologies behind our MetaDefender Email Gateway Security and products. You may use this free tool to try our technology before moving to an evaluation or a commercial version.

4. Do I need to download any package?

No, MESC is free of downloadable packages or clients. All you need to do is send or forward an email to this email address to use the service.

5. How does MESC work behind the scenes?

First, MESC scans the email body and attachments with 20 industry-leading anti-malware engines. Then, the tool sanitizes email attachments by stripping any hidden content such as scripts, macros, and hyperlinks. MESC then regenerates a sanitized copy of the original attached file.

6. What happens if a threat is found in my email?

MESC will inform you if a threat is detected via an automatic email reply. If the threat is found in the attachment, MESC will not sanitize the attached file. The attachment will be removed from the email reply.

7. Where can I see a more detailed report if a threat is detected?

You can go to and upload or drag and drop the email attachment under the "Analyze a File" tab. A detailed malware scan report will be generated and presented to you automatically.

8. What happens if no threat is found in my email?

You will receive an automatic email reply with the scan results. If your email has an attached file in a supported format, MESC will sanitize the file and send you the sanitized copy.

9. What file types are supported for scanning?

Almost all file types are supported with the exception of password-protected files. Password-protected file scanning is a feature we intend to release in the near future.

10. Can MESC scan archived files like ZIP and RAR?

Yes, MESC does scan archived or compressed file formats such as ZIP, RAR, and 7z.

11. What file types are supported for sanitization?

MESC sanitizes all the Microsoft Office file types and PDF files. In the future, more supported file types will be included, as detailed here.

12. If a file is not supported for sanitization, does MESC still scan it?

Yes, MESC scans all files in the first step. Even if a file type is not supported by the sanitization feature, it will still be scanned by multiple anti-malware engines.

13. Is there a limit on usage of MESC?

Yes. Since MESC is mainly built for demonstration purposes, it allows no more than 10 email processing requests from a single email address per day. You can include multiple attached files in an email, but the maximum total size allowed for each email is 50 MB.

15. How can I get a license for commercial use after the trial license expires?

Please find the contact information for our sales team or our channel partners here.

16. Do you protect the privacy of my email?

Please note that MESC is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. While we respect the privacy of our users and do not disclose any sensitive information in your emails to a third party, we are not liable for any possible leakage of your email information. It may be risky to scan business emails that contain critical information.

17. How do I report a bug or give you feedback?

Any feedback is very much appreciated! Feel free to send us an email.