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OPSWAT and Biscom partner for the most secure solution for transferring large files within organizations. Biscom Secure File Transfer is a file storage and transferring solution that's more secure than using standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Joint customers can integrate fast, high-performance deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR)vulnerability detection, and multiscanning from OPSWAT MetaDefender with Biscom Secure File Transfer.

With the simple-to-use MetaDefender integration, all files can be sanitized, checked for vulnerabilities, and scanned with multiple anti-malware engines before they are uploaded to the Biscom system.

The MetaDefender workflow engine offers administrators the option of sanitizing each suspicious document or file via deep content disarm and reconstruction (also known as Deep CDR). Deep CDR deconstructs each file, strips it of potentially malicious content (such as macros), and reconstructs it with all its original functionality, making the file more secure. IT administrators can also check for application vulnerabilities and scan data with multiple anti-malware engines.


  • End users can quickly send and share files that have been thoroughly sanitized and scanned for known and unknown threats without involving the IT department
  • Files that are stored or transferred using Biscom SFT are scanned with multiple anti-malware engines through MetaDefender
  • Files can be sanitized and reconstructed before, during, or after the secure transfer process with deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR)
  • Joint solution customers can leverage over 100 CDR engines to sanitize all stored files
  • Easy setup and flexible workflow configuration

MetaDefender Core gives our customers the peace of mind that they can share files safely while being protected against malware and viruses. With its multi-scanning technology, MetaDefender Core offers high malware detection rates and optimized protection against new threats. Since MetaDefender Core offers centralized updating and maintenance of the anti-malware engines, our customers can enjoy the benefits of multi-scanning without the additional IT burden.

Eric Lawrence
Director of Sales

Additional Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender with Biscom, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

Every day, millions of users and thousands of enterprises rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions. Founded in 1986, Biscom pioneered the fax server marketplace with FAXCOM®. Since then, Biscom has expanded and today provides solutions around secure file transfer, synchronization, file translation, cloud solutions, and mobile devices for the world's largest organizations. Biscom's newest product, Verosync, provides a secure Dropbox alternative, combining strong administrative features and an intuitive user interface. Learn more about Verosync at, and about Biscom at

About Product

Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) is a web-based solution that replaces insecure FTP and email to send and share files all while being easy enough for end users to operate without IT involvement.

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