appremover imageAppRemover™ is a powerful utility that enables the complete, silent and thorough uninstallation of applications from client computers in a single command. AppRemover supports the removal of security applications, notoriously known for being difficult to uninstall, as well as public file sharing applications, toolbars and backup applications. The technology can be used to perform easy, scripted uninstallation and also allows for the cleanup of a failed uninstall from an application's embedded uninstallation tool.

Available as either a standalone software application or as a highly configurable SDK, AppRemover works with a large number of applications, such as those from vendors like Symantec, McAfee and many others. Please take a look at our comprehensive list of more than 350 currently supported applications.

Primary Reasons to use AppRemover:

  • To detect and remove unwanted public file sharing applications
  • To replace one security application with another
  • To clean up a previously failed uninstallation or to run a deep clean
  • To remove an application if you have forgotten the application password
  • To eliminate user interaction when applications are removed from a domain network
  • To detect and remove unwanted toolbars
  • To detect and remove unwanted cloud storage drives

To see examples of how AppRemover can be used, visit the Use Cases page.

More Information

For additional information, please download the AppRemover brochure and visit the AppRemover features and use cases pages.

Try a free demo of AppRemover by downloading the tool at Please note that this version is for personal use only.

If you are a technology vendor or IT professional interested in evaluating the AppRemover SDK, please visit the licensing page, visit the OPSWAT Portal to register for a free evaluation account, or contact our sales team.