MetaDefender Core Partner Snapshot


Biscom is based in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and provides fax and secure file transfer solutions for mission critical enterprise applications. Every day, millions of users and thousands of enterprises rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions.

Partner Challenges

Biscom offers a secure file transfer solution that allows users to send large and confidential files instantly and securely without the complexity of using encryption keys or having to rely on IT for assistance. Files can be uploaded via web-based clients, automation agents, Outlook add-ins, and mobile apps. 

File sharing, especially with external contacts, comes with the inherent risk of possible virus and malware infections. Since Biscom’s solution centers on secure and safe file transfer, Biscom wanted to offer their customers advanced threat protection to ensure that files sent and received on their system were malware free. Biscom was therefore in search of a robust anti-malware system that could be added on to their secure file transfer solution, and would provide their customers with the peace of mind that their file transfers were threat free. 

OPSWAT’s Solution

Biscom selected OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology, MetaDefender, to integrate into their secure file transfer solution. With the easy-to-setup MetaDefender Core add-on, all files are scanned with multiple (up to 30) anti-malware engines before they are uploaded to the Biscom system. By using multiple anti-malware engines, MetaDefender Core significantly increases the malware detection rate as well as reduces exposure to a single engine’s vulnerabilities. In addition, since anti-malware engines address different threats within different time frames, multi-scanning also provides better protection against new threat outbreaks: only one of the engines needs to detect the threat in order to be protected. By including built-in licenses and performing automatic virus definition updates, MetaDefender Core offloads the task of updating and maintaining the anti-malware engines.

MetaDefender Core gives our customers the peace of mind that they can share files safely while being protected against malware and viruses. With its multi-scanning technology, MetaDefender Core offers high malware detection rates and optimized protection against new threats. Since MetaDefender Core offers centralized updating and maintenance of the anti-malware engines, our customers can enjoy the benefits of multi-scanning without the additional IT burden.

Eric Lawrence
Director of Sales at Biscom

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When using the MetaDefender Core add-on, Biscom customers can now confidently send and receive files on their secure file transfer system, with the knowledge that each file has been thoroughly scanned for malware with multiple antivirus engines, providing a safe environment for sharing files. For more information about MetaDefender, please visit the product page. To evaluate MetaDefender Core, please sign up for an account on the OPSWAT Portal.