OESIS Customer Snapshot

Avira GmbH

 was founded 25 years ago on Tjark Auerbach’s promise to “make software that does good things for my friends and family”. Because of Avira’s security expertise and award-winning antivirus software, today more than 100 million consumers and small businesses live free of spyware, phishing, worms and other internet based threats. The company delivers IT-security protection to computers, servers and networks both directly and in the cloud.

In addition to protecting the online world, Avira’s CEO promotes well-being in the offline world through the Auerbach Foundation, which supports charitable and social projects. The philosophy of the foundation is to help people help themselves.

Customer Challenges

When two security solutions run in parallel, there can be serious negative consequences for the stability of the computer. Avira, as a publisher of security solutions (Firewall, Antivirus, Mail scanner, Web filter), needed to warn its users if additional security software was present on the machine and protect them from the disruptions resulting from having multiple security solutions installed.

OPSWAT’s Solution

Avira selected AppRemover, now part of the OESIS Framework, to detect 3rd party security software present on the user’s machine and provide the option to uninstall that software. AppRemover was integrated into the setup process of all Avira products running on Windows to check for potentially incompatible programs installed on the computer. For the many applications supported by AppRemover, users are given the option to uninstall the programs automatically. For additional products that are detected, users are notified that they should manually uninstall the products.

Running two security solutions in parallel can have negative consequences on the stability of the PC and the overall experience with newly installed software. In order to make the transition to Avira version 2012 as easy and painless as possible for every single user, AppRemover was integrated to all installation programs to enable automatic detection and removal of potentially incompatible software, allowing users to select which 3rd party solutions to keep and which ones to uninstall.

Sorin Mustaca
Product Manager, Avira GmbH

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Avira takes customer satisfaction very seriously and tries to create the best user experience starting at installation. By utilizing AppRemover, Avira reduced the amount of support incidents related to software malfunctions caused by customers with more than one security solution installed.


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