Symantec + OPSWAT

Symantec Corporation is the global leader in cyber security. Operating one of the world's largest cyber intelligence networks, Symantec sees more threats and protects more customers from the next generation of attacks. They help companies, governments, and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives.

WindowsSymantec Endpoint Protection Cloud 22.xAnti-malwaresilver
WindowsNorton 360 6.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsNorton 360 20.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsNorton AntiVirus 20.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsNorton AntiVirus 21.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsNorton Internet Security 20.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsNorton Internet Security 21.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsSymantec Endpoint Protection 14.xAnti-malwarebronze
WindowsSymantec Endpoint Protection 12.xAnti-malwaresilver
WindowsSymantec Hosted Endpoint Protection 2.xAnti-malwarebronze
MacSymantec Endpoint Protection Cloud 8.xAnti-malwaresilver
MacNorton AntiVirus 12.xAnti-malwarebronze
MacSymantec AntiVirus 10.xAnti-malwarebronze
MacSymantec Endpoint Protection 14.xAnti-malwarebronze
MacSymantec Endpoint Protection 12.xAnti-malwaresilver