Bynet + OPSWAT

Bynet and OPSWAT's integrated solution is the best option for air-gapped networks that need to allow one-way transfers of data into the network. Having a secure cross-domain data transfer process is essential for high-security, air-gapped networks in critical infrastructure or manufacturing facilities. Bynet Software Systems integrated their unidirectional data flow product (also known as a data diode), Cybridge, with MetaDefender deployments, including MetaDefender Kiosk, to provide joint customers with truly secure one-way cross-domain data flow.


  • Air-gapped networks are able to import files, data, or software updates
  • Secure one-way transmission of all data between high- and low-security networks, and across domains
  • Any file type can be transferred from portable media to an air-gapped network
  • Prevent data leakage by only permitting one-way traffic from outside the network
  • Over 15 deployment options for production environments

Additional Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender with a Bynet Cybridge data diode, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

Bynet Software Systems, Ltd. is a software company that specializes in the development and integration of enterprise systems. Bynet, part of the RAD-Bynet Group, provides its clients with full solutions for all their computer and data communications needs. With more than 12 years' experience and dozens of satisfied clients, Bynet Software Systems has a proven track record in the development, planning, design, and integration of diverse enterprise systems.

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