OPSWAT's Resources for Cybersecurity
MetaDefender Drive, find what your anti-virus and vulnerability scanners are missing. 
Pulse Secure depends on OESIS Framework for endpoint security compliance
Learn how SonicWALL uses OESIS Framework to implement secure remote access.
OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce inspects every device for security policy compliance before granting access to Salesforce Get Started
Learn how F5 Access Policy Manager uses OESIS Framework to implement secure Remote access.
Overview of the OPSWAT acquisition of Impulse
Divulging the necessity of application security posture check through OPSWAT Access Control Certification.
Vocalizing how OPSWAT Access Control Certification helps with SentinelOne product rollouts.
Bitdefender deploys AppRemover SDK to silently remove security applications.
Learn about interview with Cylance discusses about the value of reliance of OESIS Framework to the Cylance and the security industry.
Articulating the value of OPSWAT device compliance tool for the broad security market.
LogMeIn Central relies on OESIS Framework to offer compliance to MSPs and enterprises. Learn how LogMeIn log me in uses OESIS Framework to implement various...