MetaDefender ICAP Server

Trust your network traffic

When a customer uploads a file to your website, it is scanned by anti-virus software. But what if it contains an undetected threat? What if it contains unexpected PII, like a social security number?

MetaDefender ICAP Server protects your systems by inspecting every file traveling through your network. Every file is scanned for malware and vulnerabilities. Suspicious files can be blocked or sanitized. Sensitive files can be redacted. Files are remediated, before they are accessible to the end user.

MetaDefender ICAP Server protects your network from malicious internet content.


Reverse Proxy / Web Application Firewall / Load Balancer

Protect application web servers from malicious file uploads. Supports: F5 Advanced WAF™, F5 Big-IP® ASM™, F5 Big-IP LTM™Symantec ProxySG.

SSL Inspection

Integrate multiple MetaDefender features at the point of decryption for simplicity and agility. Supports: F5 SSL Orchestrator™, A10 Networks Thunder® SSLi®.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Scan retrieved files from NAS to avoid the spread of PII or malware. Supports: Dell EMC Isilon and Nutanix Files.

Forward Proxy / Web Gateway / Firewall

Screen web traffic before it reaches a secured network. Supports: Squid, ARA Networks JAGUAR5000, McAfee Web Gateway™, Fortinet FortiGate®.

We've used OPSWAT technology for several years, in multiple integrations and in various products. Their reputation in the industry has just been stellar. I've worked in the industry for 30 years, and OPSWAT is a company I've always trusted and worked well with.

Joe Peck
Senior Director of Product Management, F5®

John Wagnon

Senior Solution Developer, F5 Networks

Outlines the power of combining F5® BIG-IP® Load Traffic Manager™ (LTM®) with MetaDefender ICAP Server to protect web applications against known and unknown threats.