Advanced Endpoint Compliance and Secure Access

The complexities involved in visibility and control over what devices are accessing your network and are those devices secure continue to grow, even more so with the increasing work from home scenario. Adding to the complexity is the myriad point products generally needed to gain this visibility and control. MetaAccess is one solution giving your organization secure network access and deep endpoint compliance. With this one platform approach, you can greatly simplify ongoing management, reducing time, effort and most importantly, risk.

Visibility and Compliance

Access to your environment may come from remote locations, such as work from home, third party locations, and even through sensors associated with Internet of Things (IoT). How can you ensure the access to your network and your organization’s applications are secure? How can you confirm every device in your organization complies with security policies before accessing applications or your network, no matter where they are connecting from and where your data is located?

Secure Access

Remote Work Requires Greater Security

Common cybersecurity issues include Advanced Persistent Threats and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Remote workers are particularly vulnerable to these attacks, and we need a more effective solution than the VPN of old. Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) increases security without increased cost or throughput degradation compared to VPN solutions, with a better overall user experience.

Access to Cloud Applications.

If access is to a cloud application, additional security risks can be incurred. An alternative method for security to cloud applications is also included in the MetaAccess Platform with Cloud application Protection via SAML integration (i.e. Okta, Ping Identity, Other Identity Providers (IdP) support).

MetaAccess addresses the complex BYOD ownership problem by providing the user's identity (IdP or application user name) for each device, when accessing cloud applications. This dramatically increases unmanaged device control, without requiring any IT infrastructure changes, network traffic manipulation, or mobile device management (MDM).

Secure Access On-Prem

It will always be important to ensure secure access and control for on-prem devices. It can be difficult to even know all the devices that are on your network, and to block any unauthorized or non-compliant access. MetaAccess Network Access Control (NAC) gives you this visibility, blocking any unauthorized device, as well as ability to audit, warn or quarantine any device that is non-compliant with your policies. MetaAccess is available with both agent and agentless solutions, and can integrate with many 3rd parties to automate threat prevention, enable enhanced reporting and more granular policies.

Advanced Endpoint Compliance

MetaAccess Advanced Endpoint Compliance extends well beyond basic compliance checks to ensure with the highest degree of confidence that your endpoints are secure. In addition to standard compliance checks such as OS level, Security Software installed and configured correctly, Encryption, Password and Firewall settings, MetaAccess has functionality to check for vulnerability and patch management, manage potentially unwanted applications, multi-engine anti-malware scanning, USB media scanning/blocking, anti-keylogger and screen capture prevention. MetaAccess provides the most comprehensive check in the industry.


MetaAccess Compliance helps your organization realize compliance by detecting and classifying which applications are installed on any endpoint and enabling your organization to monitor and manage these applications. It helps your organization assess and remediate application-specific settings.

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Vulnerability and Patch Management

Realizing limitations in CVSS, OPSWAT designed a new score system based on CVSS and big data analysis, we call " OPSWAT Severity Score". It's a dynamic score, range from 0 to 100. With this new score, old or unimportant Common Vulnerability Exploits (CVEs) will be filtered out.

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Advanced Malware Detection

MetaAccess uses process scanning, connection scanning, and repeated threat reporting to provide an additional layer of malware detection. These comprehensive features may find malware that endpoint anti-malware applications have missed or could not remediate. This capability looks for indications of whether an endpoint is infected, even though it complies with security policies and regulations. MetaAccess can greatly increase malware detection with Anti-Malware Multi-Engine Scanning. While one anti-malware can’t detect all malware issues, multiple engines can get extremely close.

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Manage Potentially Unwanted Applications

MetaAccess can manage, block and even remove non-compliant or vulnerable applications. MetaAccess enables your organization to cleanly remove over 2,000 versions of popular applications (of both enterprise and consumer software) without any end user interaction. With it, your organization can silently detect such applications on any endpoint and completely remove them.

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Removable Media Protection

MetaAccess manages removable media on endpoint devices, preventing the endpoint from connecting to any unexamined portable media, including flash drives, memory cards, SIM cards, CDs, DVDs and smart phones. It monitors endpoints for any removable media that end users insert and enables your organization to manage how each endpoint treats the media, based on preconfigured security policy.

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MetaAccess prevents keyloggers and advanced malware from  accessing  sensitive data by intercepting and encrypting keystrokes. There is no delay for the user when typing with this feature turned on. This solution is an overlay without any configuration changes. And importantly, it supports current and future cyber security risks.

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Screen Capture Protection

MetaAccess prevents malicious and accidental screenshots. It prevents unauthorized or accidental screenshots and recording by users, VDI, web collaboration tools, and malicious applications. It protects against data loss issues from web collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and others.

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Single Platform & Flexibility

One Management View

MetaAccess dashboard management provides the visibility and management tools needed from one interface. See in total how many devices have accessed the network, whether the access method is with SDP or classic SAML/IdP integration. Know how many devices are compliant or not and drill down to specific devices to understand the issue. If executive access is needed right away, select the device and Allow Access.

Positive End User Experience

It is extremely easy for a user to self-remediate, while at the same time educating the end-user on the importance of the non-compliant issue. A customizable page will be displayed sharing WHAT is the issue, WHY it’s important, and HOW to resolve in a step-by-step manner. With SDP, an end-user will log into their application with SSO the way they always have, whether remote or on-prem, making it easy and comfortable.

IT Flexibility & Ease of Management

MetaAccess configuration options gives flexibility to ascertain which issues should require blocked access versus notification, and to set personalized thresholds. With each function in our advanced endpoint compliance, the configuration can be setup to match your organization’s policies.

MetaAccess is available with an easy registration and deployable in a matter of hours or days. There is extensive documentation and training, and no third party services are required. The OPSWAT goal is to unify and simplify the overall experience both for IT and the End User.

MetaAccess Product Guide

MetaAccess Platform (Required)
Endpoint Compliance: 3rd Party Anti-Malware, OS, Encryption and other checks.
Vulnerability and Patch Management, Custom Endpoint Checks`
Detect and remediate/remove Potentially Unwanted Applications and Removable Media
Module: Advanced Endpoint Protection
Advanced Malware Detection - 20+ Anti-malware engines in the cloud
Anti-Keylogger and Anti-Screen Capture (Planned for 2H 2020)
Module: Secure Access
Cloud application Protection via SAML integration (i.e. Identity Provider support)
Software Defined Parameter (SDP) - VPN Replacement
Additional Private on-prem SDP Gateways VPN Replacement Gateway
Module: Secure Access Cloud Gateways
OPSWAT Hosted Cloud VPN/SDP Gateways (SaaS)

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