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AppRemover Released

The newest version of AppRemover is now available. In this release, automatic support was added for the following products:

  • CA Anti-Virus Plus 3.x
  • Quick Heal Total Security 12.x
  • Vexira AntiVirus 6.x

Stuxnet is Back in the News

The New York Times reported that the Stuxnet worm may be a joint project between the U.S. and Israel with the goal of undermining Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

Nuclear equipment identical to Iran’s facility at Natanz is said to have been built in Israel to test the effectiveness of the Stuxnet worm. Though it is still unclear who exactly created the worm, Stuxnet is credited with putting a huge setback in Iran’s ability to create their own nuclear bomb.

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Watch Out for Scareware

Scareware, an FBI term for fake antivirus alert pop-ups, has been around for a while, but convincing graphics continue to trick people into giving out credit card information and installing fake antivirus software. Scareware is often embedded into popular sites or on banner ads, and creates a pop-up warning that your system has become infected.

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FireDocs 1.13 Released

FireDocs Version 1.13 has been released and includes added support for the following products:

  • Comodo Firewall 5.x
  • eConceal Firewall 3.x

Improvements have also been made to the support for Ad-Aware Total Security 3.x.


OPSWAT Launches Free Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 6, 2011 – OPSWAT announced today the official release of the Citrix Endpoint Analysis Portal at citrix.opswat.com, which provides Citrix Access GatewayTM customers free tools to generate custom compliance policies for endpoints and to scan user devices for malware.

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OESIS Framework Released

OESIS Framework Updated

Support Added for 23 Additional Products

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OPSWAT Releases Antivirus Backup Client and Windows OS Market Share and Usage Reports

San Francisco, CA – December 21, 2010: OPSWAT released a new installment of their quarterly Antivirus Market Share reports today, adding for the first time usage data for Backup Client software. The report announces leading Antivirus vendors and products in North America and worldwide, Windows OS usage in North America and worldwide, and Backup Client usage and market share worldwide.

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OPSWAT Releases Antivirus, Backup Client and Windows OS Market Share and Usage Reports

OPSWAT released its quarterly market share report today. This quarter's report includes data for Antivirus market share, Windows OS usage, and Backup Client market share and usage.


The top 10 Windows Antivirus vendors worldwide:

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OESIS Framework Released

OESIS Framework Updated

New APIs Added to Two SDKs

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