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New OPSWAT Certifications for SeptemberFuture post

Many new certifications have been awarded this week. Congratulations to Bitdefender and Fortinet, OPSWAT's newest Certified Partners! The following products are now certified for interoperability with the OESIS Framework:

Gold Certified AntivirusBitdefender Total Security 2011



2011 Norton Cybercrime Report

A recent report by the Norton division of Symantec estimated the cost of cybercrime at $388 billion per year. Included in that figure are the total dollars stolen and the costs of the time spent resolving the attacks ($114 billion). The total also accounts for the costs of the productive time lost by victims as a result of the cybercrimes committed against them ($274 billion).

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OPSWAT’s Q3 Antivirus Market Share Report Released

San Francisco, CA – OPSWAT released their quarterly antivirus market share report today, with an additional section featuring hard disk encryption software. The report announces leading antivirus vendors and products in North America and worldwide, as well as Windows operating system usage in North America and worldwide. The hard disk encryption section of the report also shows market share and usage information worldwide, expanding on the hard disk encryption report OPSWAT issued last September.

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TMCnet Interviews OPSWAT CEO Benny Czarny

OPSWAT's multi-scanning technology is used extensively by financial institutions, government organizations, public utilities and organizations in many other industries. With the recent launch of metascan-online.com, OPSWAT has been attracting the media's attention as well. In a recent interview by Rich Tehrani of TMCnet, OPSWAT CEO Benny Czarny discussed several use cases for OPSWAT's multi-scanning technology.

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Welcome to the new OPSWAT.com!

After months of planning and hard-work, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We've made changes to the appearance and organization of the site to make more valuable content easily available to all customers, partners and visitors. 

Some of the highlights of the new site include these great sections:

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OESIS Network Version 1.4.0244 Released

A new version of OESIS Network has just been released and includes added support for the following products:

  • AVG Anti-Virus Free 10.x (Antivirus and Antispyware)
  • Norton Internet Security 18.x (Antiphishing, Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall)
  • Beijing Rising AntiVirus 23.x (Antivirus)

OESIS Framework Version Released

OESIS Framework Version has been released and is now exclusively available on myportal.opswat.com. New releases will no longer be posted to support.opswat.com, so all OESIS customers will be required to register for a portal account in order to access this content. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact pm@opswat.com.

Release details:


1. Critical Changes
2. Added
3. Fixed

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New Submission Received from ESET

ESET, a long-time OPSWAT Certified Partner, has submitted version 5 of their NOD32 Antivirus program for OPSWAT Certification. Our team will be testing the application for interoperability with the OESIS Framework so that ESET customers can connect to OESIS-powered solutions without issues.

Metascan 3.4 Released

Metascan 3.4 has been released with some great enhancements. The new version includes:

  • Enhanced logging to include engine definition changes
  • Logging to PostgreSQL database
  • Reduced false positive detections
  • Upgrade to Clamwin version 0.97

Please note that this release initiates the final 6 months of support for Metascan 3.3.

New Certifications for Agnitum

Agnitum is now an OPSWAT Certified Partner! Congratulations on these product certifications:

Bronze Certified AntispywareOutpost Firewall Pro 7.x


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