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San Francisco Students Help Bring Quality Healthcare to India

Raxa Project

OPSWAT continues to support San Francisco State University (SFSU) students in their work with OpenMRS and more recently, the Raxa project. The Raxa project is a part of OpenMRS, an open source medical record system project which was developed in 2004 by the Regenstrief Institute at Indiana University to support automated record-keeping in developing countries.

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Certifications for March

Our team has certified many new products for March, including the first OPSWAT Certifications for these new partners: Cicada Security, ESTsoft and GEN-X Technology.

Below are our latest OPSWAT Certifications; these products are now verified compatible with leading SSL VPN and NAC solutions from vendors including Cisco, F5, Citrix, Juniper and many others!

Recent OPSWAT Product Updates

OPSWAT released new versions of AppRemover, OESIS Local, Metascan and Metadefender for Media this past month, including support for new applications and several important feature enhancements.

Windows Security Center: Fooling WMI Consumers

Windows Security Center is a reporting tool that is built into the operating system, since the release of service pack 2 for Windows XP, that monitors the health state of the endpoint in different areas, such as Windows updates, firewall settings and antivirus/antispyware settings. In order for third party security applications to be Windows compliant, they must report their state to Security Center through the use of a private API that can be obtained by signing an NDA.

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Video: AppRemover for Mac Demo

Check out our new video demonstrating AppRemover for Mac!

AppRemover for Mac thoroughly uninstalls antivirus and public file sharing applications, removing all related files to ensure that the system is left stable and clean. The uninstallation process only takes a few seconds to remove an application and never requires a reboot.

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An Illustration of Early Malware Outbreak Detection with Multi-scanning

Scanning with multiple anti-malware engines provides many advantages over the use of a single antivirus engine. One of these benefits is a reduction in the amount of time until new virus outbreaks are detected. For any new threat, engines will include detection at different times due to their differing threat detection algorithms and databases of virus signatures. With a multi-scanning solution, the time to detection is decreased to the earliest detection time of all of the engines used. As more and more engines are added to a multi-scanning solution, the fastest detection times for different new threats become available, and the average time to detect a new virus will decrease.

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Latest Certifications for January

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Mobile. . . we have awarded certifications for each of the levels with the latest OESIS release! Congratulations to our partners on their new compatibility certifications, and welcome to Max PC Secure and Zoner, our newest partners.

Check below to see our latest OPSWAT Certifications:

New Metascan Video

We just released a new video about OPSWAT's Metascan technology! Check out the video to see how Metascan can provide your organization with the highest level of malware detection by scanning files with up to 20 or more antivirus engines simultaneously.

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OPSWAT Certifications Awarded

OPSWAT Report Finds At Least 30% of Antivirus Applications Not Properly Configured

OPSWAT released their quarterly antivirus market share report today, including enhanced, detailed analysis of antivirus product usage. The report compares the most popular antivirus vendors and products in North America and worldwide, as well as Windows operating system usage in North America and worldwide.

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