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Detecting Malware Across Operating Systems

I’m often asked if anti-malware engines designed for Windows can detect Linux and Android-based malware. These anti-malware products were developed specifically for different platforms over a period of 20+ years. Most anti-malware software vendors have solutions for both Windows and Linux-based platforms that were first developed in the 1990's or 2000's. Conversely, the first anti-malware product for Android was released around the second half of the 2000's, as the Android platform is relatively new from an anti-malware perspective.

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Installing the Lib::XML Perl Module on Microsoft Windows

Perl is one of my favorite scripting languages for quickly automating small tasks. For better or for worse, it’s still my go to language when I need to do something quick and dirty like parsing XML and sending an email based on the results (just try doing that in a batch file!). Using XPath and the Lib::XML Perl module I can parse anything out of an XML file instantly. Unfortunately, the more recent versions of ActiveState Perl on Windows platforms don’t come with a Lib::XML module for you to download so you have to compile it yourself. It wasn’t as straightforward as with other modules since Lib::XML has several dependencies and seems to be mostly maintained with Linux users in mind. For easy-to-follow instructions on installing Lib::XML Perl Module on Microsoft Windows, please refer to the steps below.

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OESIS Version Released – Adds Windows XP SupportFuture post

Despite Windows XP having reached end of life status, and generally being unsafe for use [1], it’s still wildly popular. By the numbers, it’s the second most popular desktop operating system – currently at 18% market share [2]. So although OESIS V4 was built for the modern OS (it already supports Windows 10!), we’ve invested some effort to add Windows XP support. Check out OESIS V4, release for the best Windows support yet, covering nearly 14 years of Microsoft operating systems.

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OESIS is Windows 10 Ready

There was a lot of coverage this week surrounding the new Technical Preview of Windows 10. Microsoft has made some exciting announcements and we are very interested to see what else may be revealed before the public release of Windows 10.

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Detection of Non-Windows Viruses by Antivirus Engines Installed on Windows

Because our Metascan technology runs on Windows, we receive a lot of questions about malware designed for Linux, Android, iOS and other operating systems getting past the antivirus engines embedded in Metascan. Will a file infected with non-Windows based malware be detected by antivirus engines running on Windows?

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How to Scan Computers with Our Bootable USB Thumb Drive When There is no Connection to a Network

A few weeks ago we published a post on how to create a bootable USB thumb drive for scanning endpoints to help organizations that need to scan computers from external systems rather than from the computer itself. The solution we published utilizes Metascan Client (embedded on the bootable USB thumb drive) to scan the computer, given that the computer is connected via LAN to a network hosting a Metascan server.

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How to create an Endpoint Scanning Bootable USB Thumb Drive for Windows

Organizations often need the ability to scan the files of a PC or laptop for malware via an external system rather than from the PC itself. For example, a facility might need to allow contractor owned laptops to enter secure areas, but want to first scan all the files on these laptops to ensure all are free of malware. Another organization could want to make sure all files on its computers are free of malware, even those kernel level driver files that are often hidden from file systems when being used by the resident operating system of that computer.

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Windows Security Center: Fooling WMI Consumers

Windows Security Center is a reporting tool that is built into the operating system, since the release of service pack 2 for Windows XP, that monitors the health state of the endpoint in different areas, such as Windows updates, firewall settings and antivirus/antispyware settings. In order for third party security applications to be Windows compliant, they must report their state to Security Center through the use of a private API that can be obtained by signing an NDA.

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OPSWAT’s AppRemover Now Supports Removal of Public File Sharing Applications

OPSWAT announced a new release of their AppRemover tool today with a new, streamlined user experience and new support for the removal of public file sharing applications. AppRemover, a free tool historically for removing security applications, has been enhanced so that users can remove multiple types of unwanted applications.

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OPSWAT Announces Support for Mountain Lion and More than 2000 Applications in OESIS

OPSWAT today announced a significant milestone for OESIS Framework technology. OESIS, the industry standard for detecting and managing endpoint software applications, now supports more than 2000 individual security applications, including new applications compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows 8.

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