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Read Our White Paper: A Primer on File-Borne Malware Threats

How do criminals use common file types to deliver malware? Why do users continue to open malicious documents? Learn the answers in our latest white paper.

White Paper: The Value of Metadefender CoreFuture post

With the increasing volume of new malware, there is a growing challenge to prevent both known and unknown threats. Single solutions are not sufficient for protecting against the current malware landscape. Fortunately, there are technologies that when used in combination, can provide more comprehensive protection from threats. 

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September in Review

Check out what you may have missed this month from OPSWAT! We have three new white papers available for download, as well as Gears for Linux and AndroidTM users, and new product integrations to help with file transfer for secure networks. Read this months newsletter to find out where OPSWAT will be next month and the dates for our upcoming product releases. 

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White Paper: Three Considerations for File Quarantine Configuration

If your organization handles sensitive or confidential data, it is important to mitigate all digital communication risks. With files being transferred over chat, email, and multiple integrated servers, finding effective ways to detect and prevent threats can be difficult. This white paper discusses three main aspects to consider when configuring and maintaining a file quarantine, and goes over the security and analytical benefits to implementing a file quarantine within your security architecture. 

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White Paper: Reasons for the Popularity of Medical Record TheftFuture post

What is it about the healthcare industry that has captured the cyber criminals' interest in the last few years? Read our white paper for an in-depth look at why medical record data is so valuable, along with solutions for protecting this data. 

White Paper: Protecting Nuclear Facilities From Threats on Portable Media

Threats to Nuclear Facilities have grown over time and are not likely to wane any time soon. To properly protect against cyber threats, it is important for Nuclear Plants to keep a watchful eye on what sort of data can and cannot be brought into secure areas.

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