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VMRay Guest Post: Fake Microsoft Word Invoice Hides Malware

August 10, 2017
As the VMRay Research Team has written previously, cybercriminals often rely on social engineering techniques to carry out their malicious activities. In large part, this is because Microsoft has been successful in hardening the Windows...

Event Wrap Up: OPSWAT Symposium for Cybersecurity Experts & Developers

October 19, 2016
Thank you to everyone who attended and took part in another successful event, the OPSWAT Symposium for Cybersecurity Experts & Developers in Santa Clara, CA. Along with our partners, VMRay, ARA Networks, RSA and InQuest, we held a half-day...

Partner Spotlight: Leveraging Metadefender in VMRay Analyzer for Automated Malware Analysis

September 13, 2016
What happens when you integrate the market-leading multi-AV scanner with the most scalable, evasion-resistant automated malware analyzer available? Threat detection goodness in spades! As evidenced by the ransomware wave, antivirus...