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Blog: Updates

Announcement: Changes to Metadefender Cloud API Licensing

Effective March 20, 2018, OPSWAT is updating its licensing model for Metadefender Cloud. Read our blog post to see the new API request limits and rate limits.

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OPSWAT Releases Media Validation for Metadefender Kiosk and ClientFuture post

OPSWAT released a new version of Metadefender Client that includes media validation, which allows it to be deployed with Metadefender Kiosk as part of a comprehensive solution to handle portable media in secure environments.

OPSWAT Adds Scalable Administration Features to Metadefender Endpoint Management

OPSWAT added functionality for grouping devices, setting policies by groups, and synchronizing devices from Active Directory to Metadefender Endpoint Management.

Important Updates Made to Metadefender.com

We've made some changes to Metadefender.com. Updates include changing the layout for easier navigation and adding new pages that display our threat research.

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