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Stop Dangerous Ursnif Phishing Attacks with Data Sanitization

A new Ursnif-related spear phishing attack takes social engineering deception to a new level. Why is CDR the best way to combat this banking Trojan?

No Macros Needed: Zusy Malware Spreads Via Legitimate PowerPoint Feature

A new variant of Zusy spreads via PowerPoint presentations but does not use macros. Find out how data sanitization stops this document-borne malware.

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Don’t Cry Wolf: Tracking Dyre Wolf's EvolutionFuture post

Banking Trojans are nothing new to security experts and citizens around the globe. Many banking Trojans seem to come and go, while others leave a reputation that will forever be burned into the psyche of security analysts such as Carberp, Citadel, Spyeye and of course, Zeus. However, few Trojans have gained the level of notoriety and worldwide attention of Dyre. Read up on what Dyre did, what it may be able to do, and how you can protect yourself from attacks from dynamic malware. 

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