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Blog: SaaS

Blazing a New Trail at Dreamforce 2017

The OPSWAT team went to Dreamforce 2017 to present MetaAccess, our solution for SaaS security. Find out what we learned and see pictures from the conference.

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There's a New SaaS in Town: OPSWAT at Dreamforce 2017Future post

At Dreamforce 2017, OPSWAT will look to show companies how they can put a cyber security moat around their SaaS applications with MetaAccess.

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Who's Afraid of Shadow IT?

One of the biggest disruptions in the IT world is the quantity and quality of SaaS tools. From email, office applications, storage, source control, phone systems, to infrastructure, it has never been easier to use the best-in-breed products and scale when your business does. As empowering as these tools are, there is a risk to adopting SaaS that might not be immediately apparent. The Shadow IT movement is here, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Shadow IT is any system or service used inside of a company without explicit approval and deployed using non-IT resources. It was born out of business necessity, the need to be agile and adapt to change.  

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