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Blog: Press Release

INCA and OPSWAT Join Forces to Protect Customers from Malware

OPSWAT CTO Taeil Goh joined INCA Internet Corporation (Korean: 잉카인터넷) recently at the launch event for INCA’s new TACHYON line of cyber security products. Taeil presented an overview of OPSWAT data sanitization (CDR) technology, which INCA has incorporated into its TACHYON product as a key feature. 

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OPSWAT Enhances Metadefender Cloud Capacity, Adds Broader CDR Coverage

OPSWAT announced the upgrade of its file scanning and anti-malware cloud service, Metadefender Cloud, to the latest release of Metadefender, version 4.8.

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OPSWAT Unveils New Offering for Device Security and Access Control for SaaS Application Use

OPSWAT today announced the availability of MetaAccess, a cloud security solution facilitating an enterprise's move to the cloud with security checks for endpoints.

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OPSWAT Brings Data Sanitization to Windows Endpoints

OPSWAT has extended its data sanitization (CDR) technology to endpoint clients that run Windows via the latest release of Metadefender Client.

OPSWAT and emt Distribution Join Forces to Provide Security Solutions in ANZFuture post

OPSWAT and emt Distribution are working together to make the most effective cyber security solutions available to organizations in Australia and New Zealand.

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OPSWAT Releases User Profiles for Metadefender Cloud

OPSWAT released user profiles for Metadefender Cloud users, who can now monitor their day-to-day usage and obtain a detailed overview of their API keys.

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WinMagic Receives Gold Certification from OPSWAT

WinMagic received Gold certification from the OPSWAT Certified Security Application Program, which tests anti-malware products for compatibility and overall quality.

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OPSWAT Releases Media Validation for Metadefender Kiosk and ClientFuture post

OPSWAT released a new version of Metadefender Client that includes media validation, which allows it to be deployed with Metadefender Kiosk as part of a comprehensive solution to handle portable media in secure environments.

OPSWAT Awards Silver Certification to Carbon Black's Cb Defense for Anti-malware

Carbon Black received Silver certification from OPSWAT for anti-malware efficacy.

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OPSWAT Announces Bronze Certification of Max Secure Software for Anti-malware

Max Secure Software received Bronze certification from the OPSWAT Certified Security Application program, which tests anti-malware products for compatibility and overall quality.

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