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Blog: Partner Spotlight

OPSWAT and emt Distribution Join Forces to Provide Security Solutions in ANZFuture post

OPSWAT and emt Distribution are working together to make the most effective cyber security solutions available to organizations in Australia and New Zealand.

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VMRay Guest Post: Fake Microsoft Word Invoice Hides Malware

Attackers often use social engineering to convince users to enable Microsoft Office macros. Guest author Rohan Viegas of VMRay analyzes an example.

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OPSWAT and Random Computing Services Announce Partnership

OPSWAT and Random Computing Services are partnering to offer the best cyber security solutions.

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Partner Spotlight: Next-Gen Network Visibility & Endpoint Compliance

In the last few years, many organizations have had to face numerous security issues due to the exponential proliferation of IP-enabled devices. Endpoint devices often leave the network perimeter and come back compromised or uncompliant, especially because employees need to access network data anytime and anywhere. With sophisticated cyber-attacks and the use of IoT, BYOD, and mobility on the rise, network exposure to data breaches has become very common. Organizations need solutions that provide visibility and manageability, while also reducing data exposure and helping them meet regulatory compliance requirements. Organizations lacking visibility and control over endpoint access authorization and continuous compliance incur significantly higher risk profiles. In order to reduce this risk, companies are challenged with finding solutions that are both technically sound, and do not incur implementation penalties that negatively impact operations. 

Partner Spotlight: Leveraging Metadefender in VMRay Analyzer for Automated Malware Analysis

What happens when you integrate the market-leading multi-AV scanner with the most scalable, evasion-resistant automated malware analyzer available? Threat detection goodness in spades!

As evidenced by the ransomware wave, antivirus vendors struggle to close the window on new, unknown threats. Until signatures are updated, there is often a period of vulnerability when a malicious attachment will slip by the email filters, not trigger an alarm on the desktop antivirus, and lead to an infection. 

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