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Webinar Recap: Metadefender Kiosk and NRC Milestone 8 Inspections

My colleagues and I were onsite for the first NRC Milestone 8 inspections. We took away some key observations relating to deployments of Metadefender Kiosk.

Event Wrap-Up: NITSL Conference and Metadefender Kiosk Workshop

The annual NITSL Conference was held July 17-20 in San Francisco, California. Afterwards we hosted a workshop for our Metadefender Kiosk customers.

Recent Nuclear Breaches Make the Case for Data Sanitization/CDR Threat Prevention

Attackers have breached U.S. nuclear plants, using malicious email attachments to gain employee credentials. Data sanitization can block attacks like these.

Event Wrap-Up: NEI Cyber Security Implementation Workshop in Savannah

At the recent NEI Cyber Security Implementation Workshop in Savannah, Georgia, the OPSWAT team demonstrated how Metadefender helps protect nuclear facilities.

Buying Guide: Which Data Diode Is Right for Your Organization?

Data diodes, or one-way data transfer devices, secure the transfer of data between low and high-security networks. The research needed to make a purchase decision can be daunting, especially on a deadline. To make this process easier, we did the research for you and put it in one place, our Data Diode Buying Guide. This guide contains information on the features of many industry-leading data diodes that are useful for comparing different vendors, including:

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OPSWAT Hosts Educational Workshop to Help Nuclear Facilities Achieve Compliance

OPSWAT's educational workshop, designed to help nuclear facilities achieve compliance, was a great success with dozens of attendees from a majority of nuclear facilities in the United States. The event was a great opportunity for our team to train, educate and collect feedback for OPSWAT's Metadefeder product line. The workshop specifically addressed requirements needed for NEI 08-09 Revision 6 (Cyber Security Plan for Nuclear Power Reactors). The event inspired discussion and meaningful feedback from some of our most valued customers in critical infrastructure. OPSWAT's Metadefender threat detection and prevention platform is leveraged by high-security facilities to ensure the safe transfer of data. 

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A Look Back at SCADA Security in 2015

It should come as no surprise that Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that control key functions in critical infrastructure are especially at risk of cyber attack. If saboteurs manage to compromise critical infrastructure services, a country’s economy and military defenses can be severely hampered.  In addition, since organizations that operate critical infrastructure often own valuable intellectual property, this information can be a target for foreign state actors trying to steal intellectual property to advance their economies or to win competitive bids.

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3 Reasons Why the Nuclear Industry is a Good Cyber-security Example

Last week I attended a workshop for the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) in Minneapolis, MN. The focus of the workshop was to discuss IT-related issues in the nuclear industry as well as define and share best practices for the implementation of IT systems. A significant consideration in the implementation of such systems is the concern over securing them against threats, which can be addressed by the malware detection and data sanitization capabilities of OPSWAT’s Metascan® and Metadefender products.

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How Unidirectional Networks Are Used in Industrial Control Systems

Unidirectional networks, also commonly referred to as data diodes, unidirectional gateways, and cross-domain solutions, are a class of networking tools which allow for data to flow in a single direction to protect assets in high security systems. Industrial control systems (ICS) present a unique challenge for preventing malware outbreaks as the cost of a total system failure can be catastrophic. True data diodes utilize proprietary software to control data flow and allow one-way network traffic to be handled properly, as well as specialized hardware generally consisting of on transmit and one receive optical network components in order to create a physical barrier to prevent data going in the wrong direction.

White Paper: Protecting Nuclear Facilities From Threats on Portable Media

Threats to Nuclear Facilities have grown over time and are not likely to wane any time soon. To properly protect against cyber threats, it is important for Nuclear Plants to keep a watchful eye on what sort of data can and cannot be brought into secure areas.

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