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Blog: New Metadefender Features

Latest Metadefender Product Releases from OPSWAT

Check here for the latest Metadefender release notes, new product features, and downloads. 

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OPSWAT Enhances Metadefender Email Security with Release of Metadefender Email Security v3.14.0

OPSWAT has announced the release of Metadefender Email Security v3.14.0, which enriches the product's capabilities with a standalone mail agent installer and other new features.

OPSWAT's Vulnerability Engine Now Supports Microsoft Security Bulletins

The OPSWAT Vulnerability Engine now supports Microsoft Security Bulletins (MSBs) in addition to Common Vulnerability Enumerations (CVEs).

OPSWAT’s Data Sanitization Technology Now Available in Metadefender Core 4.5

OPSWAT is excited to announce that our powerful data sanitization technology is now available in our next generation Metadefender Core product. In Metadefender Core v4.5.0, administrators will have access to the following in all workflows:

Product Feature: Enhanced File Transfer in Metadefender Kiosk

With the latest release of Metadefender Kiosk (3.3.5), users now have more flexibility in the way they can use the functionality in Metadefender Kiosk to copy clean files to trusted portable media. This is an enhancement to a feature introduced a while ago in Metadefender Kiosk, that allows users to copy all clean files to trusted media that they provide, so that the original media does not have to be introduced to their secure environment. This helps prevent attacks from media that has been compromised to have a malicious, hidden partition, or other malicious firmware.

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New Engines Added for Metadefender Core Windows Packages

OPSWAT periodically reviews the engines included in each of the standard Metadefender Core engine packages to determine if we are providing the best combination of engines for our customers. With the recent release of Metadefender Core, we have changed the engines included in each of the standard packages.

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New RFID Reader Custom Authentication Module for Metadefender Kiosk

OPSWAT has recently released a reference implementation to show how Metadefender Kiosk users can use the pcProx Plus RFID reader with their deployment to authenticate users based on RFID cards or badges. The source code and compiled binaries are available for download on the OPSWAT Portal. This reference implementation will read the RFID identifier from a card or badge and use that as the username for a Metadefender Kiosk scanning session. Included in the implementation is also a simple database that shows how cards can be looked up and associated with a specific user. Metadefender Kiosk users can modify this sample for their own user database implementation.

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Metadefender Core v4.3 Offers Full Windows Support

Incorporating feedback from the public beta release, OPSWAT’s Metadefender Core v4 technology is now available for production deployment in a Windows environment! As part of our streamlined product offering, Metadefender Core v4 enhances system administrators’ abilities to update and scale. Utilizing OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology, Metadefender Core now can be deployed on Windows systems in addition to Linux systems. 

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Metadefender Kiosk Now Supports Sending Scan Reports by Email

OPSWAT is excited to announce the release of Metadefender Kiosk 3.3.2, available for download on the OPSWAT Portal. Included in this release is the ability to specify an email address where Metadefender Kiosk will send copies of the reports for each scanning session.

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Dynamic Malware Analysis Data Now Available on Metadefender.com

Metadefender.com now offers a dynamic data analysis tool for Malware Researchers. The tool shows important contextual intelligence about threats in the wild to help analysts better assess, catalog, and report on new malware. Read our release announcement to learn more about Metadefender.com's ability to provide threat counts, ranks, and pathways.

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