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Blog: Kaspersky Lab

A Message About the Kaspersky Ban and How It Affects OPSWAT Metadefender

Recently there was a presidential order to remove any deployment of Kaspersky Lab from any federal department and agency. Here is my response.

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OPSWAT Certification Roundup - Summer 2015Future post

This summer our OPSWAT certification team has analyzed products from over 20 different vendors across over 14 different certification categories and levels. With OPSWAT's certification program, software vendors can submit their products for certification to verify compatibility with the security industry's leading network and technology solutions. The products included in our certification program can all be detected by leading SSL VPN and NAC solutions such as Cisco, Pulse Secure, and F5. 

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Webinar: Cyber-Securing Your Supply Chain

Join us for our third and final webinar in the series 'Cyber Security Challenges for Energy'. We hope that you have enjoyed the series so far and have got some really valuable information over the last number of months. If you have not had a chance to attend the previous webinars; don't worry, you can still catch up and watch 'The Top Five Cybersecurity Challenges for Energy' and 'How to Handle an Energy Sector Breach' which are available on our website.

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Webinar: How to Handle an Energy-Sector Breach

Join us for our second webinar in the series "Cyber Security Challenges for Energy", where we will hear from cyber security expert Cynthia James of Kaspersky Lab. In the last webinar, we learned how the Energy sector is set to face five of the biggest challenges and the precautions that companies should be taking in order to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Webinar: Top Five Cyber Security Challenges for the Energy Industry in 2015

The energy sector is set to face five of the biggest challenges in cyber security this year. With high costs at stake these companies are vulnerable to security threats, like critical infrastructure attacks, data destruction, breaches, insider threats and much more. It is time for the energy sector to proactively address these threats that are targeting their most valuable assets before it is too late. 

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OPSWAT and Kaspersky Lab Partner to Add Kaspersky Anti-Virus to Metascan

OPSWAT and Kaspersky Lab today announced that Kaspersky Anti-Virus is now included in OPSWAT’s robust multi-scanning technology, Metascan. Metascan is a powerful and flexible network security solution that provides the capability to detect and prevent threats, both known and unknown, using multiple anti-malware engines.

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New Anti-Malware Options for Metascan!

Our teams have been working hard on many enhancements to Metascan, and we're excited to announce the release of Metascan 3.9.0. This release includes several important changes, including brand new anti-malware packages to bring additional scan engines to our customers!

New OPSWAT Certifications Have Arrived

Our new OPSWAT Certifications are here! Many security vendors received OPSWAT Certifications for the latest versions of their security applications.

These newly certified products are now verified compatible with leading SSL VPN and NAC solutions from market leaders like Cisco, Juniper, F5 and many others who use OPSWAT technology to support detection and manageability of more than 3000 security applications.

Latest OPSWAT Certifications

The number of OPSWAT Certified applications continues to grow! Our partnerships with more than 120 vendors of antivirus and security applications are helping to increase the compatibility of security applications with compliance checking solutions - making life easier for system administrators, home users, and security vendors.

New OPSWAT Certifications for JuneFuture post

Lots of new OPSWAT Certifications were awarded today to our partners! Check out the list below to find out which new products are now certified compatible with leading SSL VPN and NAC solutions, including the first certifications for our newest Certified Partner, Xacti. Learn more about OPSWAT Certification by watching our videos.

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