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Blog: IT Infrastructure

How to Integrate the Metadefender Cloud API with Serverless Architecture

In this article, we demonstrate how organizations can reduce the threat of malware infection using the Metadefender Cloud API in a serverless architecture.

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How to Receive Update Notifications from NetSuite Using Amazon SNSFuture post

OPSWAT uses NetSuite as its CRM and ERP system. Our engineering team has been integrating with NetSuite through its various APIs, to transfer information in and out of the system. As our product family offering has grown, we have needed to constantly maintain and update this information flow by updating the NetSuite scripts. This process has been prone to human error and very challenging to debug as deep NetSuite knowledge is needed in order to trace down sources of issues. Faced with these issues, our engineering team began looking for a solution to externalize the logic for the routing of information from within the NetSuite scripts. In addition, we wanted to make sure that we had tight coupling between our systems, so that if a particular system is unavailable, we would still be able to update records in NetSuite without compromising data consistency.

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Hardware Hack: Adding Ethernet and USB Port to Lilitab Tablet Kiosk

Hardware modification and hacking has always been a passion of mine, so when I was given the opportunity to develop a prototype for a more portable version of our Metadefender kiosk I was excited to take on the challenge. When I was originally introduced to this project, there were multiple tablet pedestals identified as possible kiosk alternatives. The Lilitab product I was most interested in was designed for an iPad, but Metadefender runs on Windows, so I did some research and found they have an alternative mount that will accommodate a Microsoft Surface Pro.

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PowerShell vs. PsExec for Remote Command Execution

Monitoring and maintaining large-scale, complex, highly distributed and interconnected systems can be extremely challenging for network administrators. Traditional IT management approaches are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of today's application architectures and deployment environments. It's common that an IT admin would support hundreds of machines in an enterprise network daily, but having to physically run down to each machine individually in order to issue a simple command is not acceptable. Therefore, being able to execute system commands remotely without too much additional pre-configuration is always a welcomed and appreciated solution.

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