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Why Advanced Persistent Threats Are Targeting the Internet of Things

January 09, 2018 by Yiyi Miao
Despite an increased focus on cyber security in recent years, the number of data breaches continues to rise. As enterprises focus more (and spend more) on security, cyber criminals are stepping up their efforts. We especially see this in...

Unpatched Vulnerabilities in BYOD Environments Leave Organizations Exposed to Attacks

April 21, 2017 by Yiyi Miao
With botnets, DDoS attacks, and secret lists of exploits being all over the news in recent months, vulnerabilities should be top of mind for anyone who's concerned with cyber security, especially vulnerabilities in consumer...

IoT Devices with Unpatched Vulnerabilities Are a Growing Danger

March 16, 2017 by Yiyi Miao
The Internet of Things is growing every day, and all kinds of "smart" consumer devices are connecting to the internet. But such technological progress brings risks: Often, these devices expose vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit...