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Blog: Endpoint Management

OPSWAT Adds Scalable Administration Features to Metadefender Endpoint Management

OPSWAT added functionality for grouping devices, setting policies by groups, and synchronizing devices from Active Directory to Metadefender Endpoint Management.

Endpoint Management: Discover Unknown Devices and Monitor Patches

Knowing what endpoints are operating within your network is one thing, but knowing what your endpoints are operating on is another. IT administrators need an easy, automated way to detect new devices entering their network, and a way to stay on top of the new updates needed for the devices already in their network. Read our latest Metadefender Endpoint Management release to learn how we have made it easier for admins to tackle both. 

Busted: 3 Myths about Endpoint Visibility

Maintaining endpoint visibility with or without client agents is fundamental to any network or information security architecture, and is an important element in protecting your organization’s intellectual property and bottom line. Unfortunately, there are myths implying that endpoint visibility is both troublesome and risky, even unnecessary or unwanted. Before purchasing an endpoint visibility solution, here are three myths about endpoint visibility and why they don’t apply to OPSWAT Gears.

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New APIs and Multi-User Gears Management Feature

OPSWAT has released several exciting new features for the Gears platform. The first is the ability to manage a single account with multiple users. The new multi-user management introduces the following new roles:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Read-Only

Each of these roles can now be managed via the new Account Settings dashboard. This dashboard shows Account Information, Account Security, and Account Management. New users are invited and managed via the Account Management dashboard.

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