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How to Receive Update Notifications from NetSuite Using Amazon SNSFuture post

OPSWAT uses NetSuite as its CRM and ERP system. Our engineering team has been integrating with NetSuite through its various APIs, to transfer information in and out of the system. As our product family offering has grown, we have needed to constantly maintain and update this information flow by updating the NetSuite scripts. This process has been prone to human error and very challenging to debug as deep NetSuite knowledge is needed in order to trace down sources of issues. Faced with these issues, our engineering team began looking for a solution to externalize the logic for the routing of information from within the NetSuite scripts. In addition, we wanted to make sure that we had tight coupling between our systems, so that if a particular system is unavailable, we would still be able to update records in NetSuite without compromising data consistency.

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Who's Afraid of Shadow IT?

One of the biggest disruptions in the IT world is the quantity and quality of SaaS tools. From email, office applications, storage, source control, phone systems, to infrastructure, it has never been easier to use the best-in-breed products and scale when your business does. As empowering as these tools are, there is a risk to adopting SaaS that might not be immediately apparent. The Shadow IT movement is here, and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Shadow IT is any system or service used inside of a company without explicit approval and deployed using non-IT resources. It was born out of business necessity, the need to be agile and adapt to change.  

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AWS in 2015: Why You Need to Switch from PV to HVM

Until now, most average Amazon (AWS) users could effectively ignore the distinction between paravirtual instances (PV) and hardware assisted virtual instances (HVM). HVM was a technology reserved for high performance, large-capacity use cases. EG: 10Gbe LAN connection, >64 GB RAM, etc. But with changes being made in AWS, all users can and should be considering HVM for their instances.

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