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Blog: data sanitization (CDR)

An In-Depth Look at XML Document Attack Vectors

XML documents can be used in malware attacks. This blog post is for technical readers who would like to see details about XML-based attacks with examples.

'Hacking with Pictures': Stegosploit and How to Stop It

The vast majority of users do not expect an image file to be remotely risky. This makes image-borne malware attacks like Stegosploit particularly dangerous.

Blocking Malicious File Uploads, Part 3: How to Integrate OPSWAT APIs

In this post, I will explain how Metadefender antivirus API integrations enable file upload security solutions that block malicious file uploads.

Recent Nuclear Breaches Make the Case for Data Sanitization/CDR Threat Prevention

Attackers have breached U.S. nuclear plants, using malicious email attachments to gain employee credentials. Data sanitization can block attacks like these.

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Event Wrap-Up: Cyber Week in Tel Aviv, Israel

OPSWAT was proud to sponsor the 7th annual Cyber Week at Tel Aviv University June 25-29. CEO Benny Czarny delivered a keynote address at the conference.

Blocking Malicious File Uploads, Part 2: OPSWAT Antivirus APIs

Allowing file uploads can be dangerous. Learn how to use antivirus APIs in order to protect systems from malicious file uploads.

Event Wrap-Up: FIRST Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The 29th annual FIRST Conference was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico during the week of June 11-16. I had a great time representing OPSWAT at the event.

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Metadefender Now Supports Data Sanitization for XML Documents

OPSWAT Metadefender data sanitization (CDR) now supports XML document sanitization to address many of the potential threats of using XML documents.

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No Macros Needed: Zusy Malware Spreads Via Legitimate PowerPoint Feature

A new variant of Zusy spreads via PowerPoint presentations but does not use macros. Find out how data sanitization stops this document-borne malware.

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Latest Release of OPSWAT Metadefender Chrome Extension Adds Support for Data Sanitization

The new version of Metadefender Chrome Extension adds support for Content Disarm and Reconstruction for protection against document-based malware exploits.

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