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Macs Don’t Need Antivirus, Right? Maybe Not Anymore…

Discussions about Mac computers requiring antivirus or anti-malware software are typically quite terse -- most feel that antivirus software for Mac computers isn't necessary, though it's not a bad idea per se. 

Even among professionals in the cyber security industry there is very little use of anti-malware software. I don't have any survey to prove this (nor do I feel the need to even search for one) -- I see it every day working in San Francisco. One of the products I manage, Metadefender Endpoint Management, is designed to monitor endpoint security compliance, especially the presence of antivirus products on workstations. When telling people about the product, they often say, "Oh this is pretty cool and I can definitely use it for my Windows workstations, but I personally have a Mac, I don't really need antivirus right?" My answer used to be a confident, "Not really, especially if you keep your system and software patched. Scan any suspicious downloads and attachments with Metadefender Cloud and you'll probably be fine."

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The Changing Face of IT Security

As the IT security landscape continues to grow and change, Benny Czarny, CEO and Founder of OPSWAT, shares his thoughts on the current state of the industry, and what he expects to see in the future. 

Geolocation of Cybercrimes

Since the 20th century, the Made in America moniker has been associated with higher quality goods when compared to imported alternatives, at least when these goods are targeted at the American consumer. For manufactured or assembled products, it’s hard to know when this label indicates that the product was actually made in the United States. For cyber-attacks, which carry no label, it’s even more difficult to track their origin. This happens for many reasons, the most obvious one being this: Cybercriminals strive to remain anonymous, and their ‘products’ rarely carry telltale signs of their origin.

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Using Metadefender Core and F5 BIG-IP LTM to Block Malicious File Uploads

Previously, we have discussed how Metadefender Core can be used to scan HTTP traffic that is being routed through a Blue Coat® proxy server. Routing traffic through a proxy allows an organization to be protected against any threats coming into the network as a result of people within the network accessing malicious files. In this case, potential malware is prevented from being ‘pulled’ into the organization unwittingly.

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New Market Share Report Featuring Threat Detection and Interactive Charts

We’re very enthusiastic about our latest market share report release, which features a new section on threat detection plus a new, interactive interface.

Every quarter, OPSWAT releases a market share report that covers the market share and usage of various types of applications, including antivirus, encryption, and public file sharing (peer-to-peer) products, using data from endpoints that use Gears and Security Score. For the first time, this report shows the percentage of devices with a perceived threat that was recognized by the installed antivirus application, broken down by a single threat detected, 2-9 threats detected, or 10 or more threats detected.

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Detection of Non-Windows Viruses by Antivirus Engines Installed on Windows

Because our Metascan technology runs on Windows, we receive a lot of questions about malware designed for Linux, Android, iOS and other operating systems getting past the antivirus engines embedded in Metascan. Will a file infected with non-Windows based malware be detected by antivirus engines running on Windows?

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McAfee: He Could've Just Used AppRemover

The latest viral hit to arrive on YouTube this week is a video of John McAfee, the creator of the popular anti-malware program McAfee, titled ‘How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus’. Within this racy video, John McAfee goes to extreme measures to figure out ways how to uninstall McAfee and in the process reads complaints he receives from consumers about how tricky it can be to remove the security software from their computers.

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New Metascan Video

We just released a new video about OPSWAT's Metascan technology! Check out the video to see how Metascan can provide your organization with the highest level of malware detection by scanning files with up to 20 or more antivirus engines simultaneously.

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OPSWAT Report Finds At Least 30% of Antivirus Applications Not Properly Configured

OPSWAT released their quarterly antivirus market share report today, including enhanced, detailed analysis of antivirus product usage. The report compares the most popular antivirus vendors and products in North America and worldwide, as well as Windows operating system usage in North America and worldwide.

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Microsoft Security Essentials Takes More than a Quarter of North American AV MarketFuture post

OPSWAT released their quarterly antivirus market share report today, featuring a new section covering antivirus product usage. The report compares the most popular antivirus vendors and products in North America and worldwide, as well as Windows operating system usage in North America and worldwide.  Both of these sections also feature a comparison to the previous six-month period.  The usage section of the report shows the percentage, by product, of antivirus users who have real time protection enabled, as well as average times since the last system scan and definition update. 

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