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Fake Android Apps Containing Coinhive Miner Identified by Metadefender CloudFuture post

A security researcher discovered malicious Android APKs containing Coinhive, a cryptocurrency miner that hogs CPU power and can damage user devices.

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Improved Android Onboarding and Firefox Compatibility

In this month’s Gears release, we have made the onboarding process much faster for Android users, enabled cookie injection for Firefox browsers, and made other fixes and enhancements that will make Security Score information more clear. In light of recent Android breaches, we are also announcing our upcoming APK scanning feature!

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Detecting Malware Across Operating Systems

I’m often asked if anti-malware engines designed for Windows can detect Linux and Android-based malware. These anti-malware products were developed specifically for different platforms over a period of 20+ years. Most anti-malware software vendors have solutions for both Windows and Linux-based platforms that were first developed in the 1990's or 2000's. Conversely, the first anti-malware product for Android was released around the second half of the 2000's, as the Android platform is relatively new from an anti-malware perspective.

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Scanning Android Package Files (APKs) with Metadefender Cloud

Kaspersky Lab and Interpol's recently released Mobile Cyber Threat Report shows a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks targeting Android users, highlighting the need for successful anti-malware solutions for the Android OS. Because Android applications are distributed via Android package files (APKs), compressed files that contain all of the files in a given app, special care must be taken when scanning them for malware.  

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Scanning for Malware in Android Applications

Android applications are available through a number of different stores and sites. At some stores, you can even download the app file to your PC and apply it directly to your Android device. This diversity in stores and download mechanisms is an attractive aspect of Android to consumers, but a less restrictive marketplace eco-system brings risks along with freedom. Are these apps safe for your Android and what is the chance they contain malware that could infect your Android OS?

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OPSWAT Updates OESIS Mobile SDK and Launches Certification for Android Applications

OPSWAT announced a new release of their OESIS Mobile SDK for Android today and a coinciding launch of OPSWAT Certification for Android security applications. Free OPSWAT Certification is now available for Android antivirus, backup, firewall, location services and mobile device management applications.

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