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Taeil Goh
Chief Technical Officer

Taeil Goh joined OPSWAT in 2008 as a software engineer. Taeil has been involved in Metadefender product development from the early stages, and his huge contributions were reflected in his promotion to CTO in 2016. He is now more focused on mentoring product managers for new innovative OPSWAT technology, investing a lot of time in joint solutions with technical partners and in identifying new technology areas to focus on. He is also responsible for product usability and enterprise security. Taeil spends his free time playing tennis or flying a Cessna 172.

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Disarming a Multi-Stage Macro-Less Word Attack with Data Sanitization

Researchers identified a Microsoft Word document-based attack that does not use macros and has multiple stages. OPSWAT data sanitization disarms this attack.

An In-Depth Look at XML Document Attack Vectors

XML documents can be used in malware attacks. This blog post is for technical readers who would like to see details about XML-based attacks with examples.

Metadefender Now Supports Data Sanitization for XML Documents

OPSWAT Metadefender data sanitization (CDR) now supports XML document sanitization to address many of the potential threats of using XML documents.

Preventing Targeted Attacks That Use JTD or HWP Documents

JTD and HWP files, used in Japan and South Korea, can carry document malware. OPSWAT Metadefender data sanitization (CDR) now supports JTD/HWP files.

What Do I Do If an Engine Detects My Safe File as a Threat?

Metascan Online, the fastest cloud-based multi-scanning solution, not only increases the likelihood of detecting malware but also provides a mechanism for identifying false positives based on the detection ratio among 40 anti-malware engines.

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