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CTO's Blog
27 Dec 2018

Data Sanitization 5.3 Release

Highlights Sanitization of recursively embedded documents in Microsoft Office 2007 documentsSanitization of Calendar data files: iCalendar (.ics) &...
Product Announcements
20 Dec 2018

MetaDefender ICAP Server Version 4.5.0 Release

Product Overview OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server uses the Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) to integrate with network appliances to protect against...
In October and November 2018, three new partners joined the OPSWAT Certified Security Applications Program: Microminder, SecuraShield, and VXPRO have joined a...
OPSWAT’s streamlined Market Share Report provides monthly updates on the market share of leading anti-malware vendors and products. This report focuses on...
Kiosk & USB Security
7 Dec 2018

Protecting Critical Networks: Power Grid

A recent article talks about the continued targeting of the U.S. power grid by Russia-linked hacking groups, specifically by “TEMP.Isotope.” While the U.S...

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