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Email Threat Prevention
4 Dec 2014

Five Steps to Keep Your Email Attachments Secure

Although they are essential in most businesses, email attachments can be used to spread malware infections, gain access to systems, and leak confidential...
We have previously explored how Metascan can be used to eliminate threats embedded in image files. Another potential threat vector involving embedded malware...
Kaspersky Lab and Interpol's recently released Mobile Cyber Threat Report shows a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks targeting Android users,...
Kiosk & USB Security
25 Aug 2014

Detecting and Mitigating USB-based Threats

The flexibility of the USB protocol and the inherent trust given by Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to Human Interface Devices (HIDs), such as...
Advanced Threat Prevention
14 Apr 2014

Scanning for Malware in Android Applications

Android applications are available through a number of different stores and sites. At some stores, you can even download the app file to your PC and apply it...

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